In the office

Yesterday Elliot visited our office. Spent most of the day on a table, suned himself and nibbled some salty sticks to dinner. I think he really enjoyed it... just look at his smile.
In the afternoon he had fun with the colleagues.

It's really amazing that adult people have so much delight in playing with a sockmonkey :) That's cool!
So I'm yielded under pressure and Elliot stayed at the office to bring joy our boring weekdays.

My new bag

This is Kata my nice colleague who shows my bag in use.

My new bag

I sewed a nice shoulder bag and a small case for my nick-nacks at the weekend . It's quite big to engulf my book, purse, gloves, lunchboxes and many unimportant things.
I think it's pretty nice. :)


Another one. He's Elliot with Milu the cat :)
...more shots later.
Bright smile, intelligent face, stylish look... who could it be?


I took my final exam! Yeah! So long university. :)
The last four weeks were horrible with mound of books and no leisure but from now on I'm gonna post new things, plushies, photos etc.
My second sockmonkey. Lovely, isn't it?